Learn to understand you horse

We all want the best for our horses. To train them as best as possible, you need knowledge about how your horse learns, how it functions biomechanically, and how you can combine that knowledge with training and dressage exercises in practice.

Until now, that knowledge was tucked away in big books, long courses and complicated theory, and the link with practice was hard to make. But not anymore! Dressage2Learn teaches you how to understand your horse, keep it healthy and have fun together, explained in simple training videos. What makes Dressage2Learn unique is the transition from biomechanical and mental knowledge to practice.

Through a variety of video courses, we explain how to optimally train your horse, keep it healthy and learn to understand it in simple concepts. Riding-related aspects and all dressage exercises are explained based on biomechanics, training concepts and learning principles.

Do you want to understand why some things aren’t working when you’re riding? Want to know how you can make them work? Want to learn how to improve your communication with your horse? What does a correct half-pass or canter pirouette look like? How do I learn to do those? How do I deal with my own mental issues? How does a horse actually work? You will find answers to all these questions in the Dressage2Learn online courses!

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